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Over 10 years of satisfied customers

Our Directors

Jack Chen

35 years old, from Yulin, China

From metal worker to company leader

Jack Chen started working in the metal industry in 2005. Through high ambitions he became a production plant manager. Shortly after he started Lianglvfang Packaging Co., in Dongguan, China, a company which he took international back in 2013.

Michael Binder

38 years old, from Munich, Germany

Traveled 26 times in 15 countries

Michael Binder commissioned packaging automation machines as early as 2002 in Europe, from chocolate to salt packaging lines. Since 2006 he stays permanently in China and strives for customers satisfaction and happiness. Michael also owns a toy manufacturing company in China.


What we do

MIDA PACK produces consumer OEM/ODM packaging up to spec out of tin sheet, PET, and laminated cardboard. The primary target is to provide our clients with unsurpassed service and dedication, high quality, fast response and on time delivery. We hold most of the certificates required in any country for food grade packaging.

What we specialize in

  • Tin sheet packaging and purpose products, all available in food grade, with over 800 sizes/shapes toolings in stock.
  • PET transparent food grade blow cans, with tear off/screwlid/adhesive sealing and reseal cap.
  • Handcrafted laminated cardboard packaging.

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    Unsöldstr. 2, 80538 München, Germany
    RG München, HRB 237441 | Geschäftsführer: Fenglian Yang


    +86 13423461078

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